Saturday, October 31, 2009

Maitake Workshop Spring 2009

I had the fortune to receive a few bags of maitake plugs from a friend this past spring.  The plugs are small segments of wooden dowels that have been colonized by the fungus Grifola frondosa.  This fungus is edible and a favorite of many students, faculty, and staff within our plant pathology department.  When word got out that I had some plugs, many individuals showed an interest in learning how to cultivate this fungus using oak logs as a substrate.  I immediately acquired freshly cut oak logs for use in a maitake inoculation workshop that I developed and instructed.  A small group of staff, faculty and students attended this 2 hour workshop and were given a inoculated log to take home with them.  I buried 2 large inoculated logs in a nearby woodlot and will monitor those locations for any fruiting body development.  The images to the right were taken by one of the workshop participants, Grace O'Keefe.  For a quick preview of the workshop  click on the title of this post.

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