Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bacterial Blotch of Button Mushrooms

I have been backing up my research while preparing for the holiday season "rush" and came across some of my master's research data.  I received my MS degree in plant pathology in the Spring of 2007 and completed the entire program in about 18 months.  I was definitely in a "rush" to complete that program because my wife and I were eagerly awaiting the birth of our daughter Kaia.  The data acquired during that research was quite interesting and the method I developed to determine the severity of disease development for Bacterial Blotch on Agaricus bisporus using imaging software was very exciting.  I have provided a copy of my thesis defense seminar that I presented to the department of plant pathology in May of 2007.  Please click on the title of this post to view the entire PowerPoint slide show.  The image to the upper left shows an assay using the tissue of A. bisporus when challenged with variations of the causal agent, bacterium Pseudomonas tolaasii.  The acronyms for the variations are sterile distilled water (SDW) as a control, wild type (66W), pathogenic isolate (66S), and non-pathogenic revertant (66R).  The image to the middle left shows results of one Agar Well assay used to determine the inhibitory concentrations of hydrogen dioxide (Oxidate) on P. tolaasii grown in culture.  The image on the bottom left shows a histogram of the area of mushroom tissue post inoculation with the 66R isolate.  The results of my research objectives for this project are provided within the slide show and I wish there was audio to accompany it to provide a better understanding of the data.  Perhaps in the future I can re-post this presentation after a commentary has been added.

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  1. Hi, Aaron
    Your PPT is great. You did a great job in such a short time.
    Hope to see your Ph.D thesis soon.