Friday, January 15, 2010

Sled Riding With Daughter

The new year brought fresh snow and chilly temperatures to central Pennsylvania.  This combination was perfect for one of our family's favorite winter activities; sled riding.  In previous years our daughter was too young to enjoy this activity, but now that she is 2.5 years old, she has shown an interest.  Her first real sled riding experience took place in Youngstown, Ohio during our visit to my in-laws.  We bundled my daughter Kaia in layers of clothing and placed her on a plastic saucer sled at the top of a small hill.  This was the same hill that my wife used to sled ride down when she was a youngster.  It brought back great memories when my wife saw her daughter sliding down that hill.  Kaia seemed to really enjoy the ride as she would yell, "whoa" or "whee" the entire duration of the trip from the top of the hill to the base.  Once our family had returned to Pennsylvania, Kaia asked to go sled riding.  We borrowed a sled from our neighbor and headed to a local park.  By this time, the sun had melted the snow covering the top of a small hill located within the park down the street from our home.  This in no way deterred us from having a great time watching Kaia enjoy herself.  After an hour of toting her to the top of the small hill, pushing her down the slope, and pulling her on the sled as I ran around in the powdery snow,  it was time to go home.  We warmed up with some warm beverages and found that it was quite easy for all of us to sleep that evening. 

**We hope that you will share this winter season with your loved ones.**

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  1. Aaron, sounds like everyone had a great time in Ohio. You know, that when you all visit me in Colorado at my mountain home, I have 5 sleds and lots of snow.
    PS - You should consider being a writer - great story.