Friday, November 20, 2009

Hartley Wood Restoration Effort

It has been my pleasure to work with many individuals performing research within the Hartley Wood and to engage with others who are trying to manage this woodlot.  One such individual is Chip Clark, who serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Arboretum Woodland Restoration Corp. (AWRC). He stated that, " The mission of this group is to remove invasive non-native plants from the Hartley Wood and eventually replant with native species, as part of the overall area improvements coming with the Arboretum at Penn State".  Chip has accompanied me on several trips to my research site and has always provided me with fresh insights concerning the restoration of the woodlot.  He is currently attempting to determine the  usage of trails by mountain bikers so a management plan that would help protect those trails from erosion could be drawn.  In the images to the right, Chip and a mountain biker are discussing the recent addition of water bars on a steep portion of a popular trail entering the Hartley Wood.  These bars are put into place with the understanding that they will reduce the amount of erosion caused by the "ruts" produced by bike tires.  About Aaron D. Brown, Chip stated that he had, "the most complex and detailed research project ongoing in the Hartley Wood, and it is always a great learning experience for me when I accompany him on his visits in the Wood".  I always look forward to the next time I get to visit with Chip, whether it be during a hike or over a hot cup of coffee.  To access information about the AWRC click on the title of this post and drop Chip a line to let him know you appreciate his work.   

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