Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lake Louise, Banff AB Canada

It seems as if it were just yesterday when my wife, daughter, and in-laws made the 10 day journey from Vancouver to Calgary.  During this wonderful vacation through the Canadian Rockies, we encountered many sites to numerous to discuss in a single post.  So I have decided to give you a sample of just one  destination.  We took an entire day to visit Lake Louise in Banff, AB.  This day included a hike around the beautiful lakefront, a quick mycoblitz into the adjacent forest, and a fine dinner at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel.  Although it was mid-September, there were many individuals enjoying the scenery and some even partaking in water activities such as canoeing.  My daughter Kaia and I made our way through the evergreens via a well maintained dirt trail.  Along the way she would point out mushrooms and birds for me to identify.  Our "quick" hike ended up being nearly 30 minutes in length as we found ourselves getting drawn further and further into the forest landscape.  When we had emerged and located the other members of our party, it was off for a 45 minute hike around the perimeter of Lake Louise.  It was obvious to us how exhausting the day had been on our little girl as she soon fell asleep in the backpack carrier.  In fact, she slept through the group hike AND through the entirety of our lengthy, but enjoyable meal.  It was one of the first times my wife and I had eaten a meal together without any interruptions from our extremely active daughter.  The whole family was quite pleased with the vacation and were so happy to have had the opportunity to share it with each other.  Once the 1,500 images taken during the trip have been organized, a slide show will be provided within the blog for your viewing pleasure.                                      

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