Thursday, February 25, 2010

Central Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

There is a new mushroom club in town!  This brainchild of many amateur mycologists in central PA has begun to take shape.  The second meeting of the club's organizing committee was held on February 21st and discussion engaged all members for several hours.  The committee includes enthusiasts of the collection, description, and consumption of mushrooms.  Some of the members have been doing so for decades and their applied knowledge combined with that of members holding or pursuing doctoral degrees in mycology makes this a well rounded group of individuals.  I am a member of this executive committee and am extremely excited to be part of such an interesting bunch of mycophiles (=mushroom lovers).  We are in the process of establishing a working constitution, assigning members to club activities, and designing a web presence for the club.  I will keep all of you up to date on this new mushroom club and provide links to the official website once it is established.  Stay tuned :)


  1. Very cool! Count me in when you kick it off! Chip Clark

  2. Nice page you have! I hope you can be at this weeks foray.
    Bob Bilicki