Monday, March 29, 2010

Biological Sciences Job Search

I am truly sorry for not providing more posts this past month, however I am in a feverish state of preparation.  It is the time to begin searching for career opportunities within my field of training, be it in the private sector, academia, or the federal government.  The time needed to properly prepare documents for submission to a federal position is numbing and quite tedious.  So I have been spending most of my "free" time gathering all of my previous work history, relevant experiences, transcripts, CV, and resume data.  Once collected, those items must be finely honed into a pitch for a multitude of career positions for which I am qualified.  I may have only previously posted on this blog items of interest related to mycology and mushrooms specifically, however I have interests including project management, construction, food service, biology (field and laboratory), photography, music, and microbiology.  If anyone reading this post thinks they may be able to help me in this job search, PLEASE leave a comment or e-mail me.  I will appreciate any leads or aide during this very important search.

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