Saturday, November 7, 2009

Permanent Sampling Plot Layout

I had an opportunity to visit my research plots this past week and make my final collections for the year.  During that time in the woodlot I reflected on the amount of time it had taken me to arrive at the appropriate number and size of my permanent sampling plots.  I also thought about the layout of the plots and recalled how difficult it was to do so when the vegetation was at its most dense.  This encouraged me to create a short five minute tutorial on how to layout a circular sampling plot while the vegetation density has decreased.  If you are interested in learning how I created these permanent sampling plots, please click on the title of this blog post or click on "Sampling Plot Layout" under the Video Links section of this blog.  Let me know if you found the video informative and if you would like to see more video footage of my research.

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  1. I have seen your video. It is interesting. Your performance is perfect. I would like to see more in near future.